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Personal Injury

Personal Injury


Personal Injury

Accidents happen. But when someone else’s mistake causes injury, the only place to seek recourse and make up for those mistakes is in the courtroom. With injuries come medical bills, lost family time, missed work, lost wages, pain, suffering, lost sleep, anguish, etc. And to make matters worse, if you attempt to pursue your claim for the losses caused by you injury, you will be steamrolled by the insurance companies. Not only must you navigate your way through the extraordinary mounds of red tape needed to get your medical bills paid, your entire life will be scrutinized under a microscope by the insurance companies in an effort to de-legitimize your injuries and claim that you are not hurt or are making everything up. If you want to be treated like a human being, you will need aggressive representation from someone who can anticipate and combat the tactics employed by these insurance companies, and who will make sure to recover for you every loss you have suffered as a result of someone else’s carelessness.


Successful Results

2018 - Confidential multiple seven-figure settlement in Independence County, Arkansas for negligence and product liability claim involving elevator shaft collapse leading to paralyzation

2018 - Confidential six-figure settlement of a nursing home claim in Jackson County, Arkansas

2017 - Confidential six-figure settlement in Greene County, Arkansas for tractor-trailer collision

2017 - Confidential insurance policy limits settlement in Randolph County for a drunk-driver motor vehicle collision resulting in the fatality of a passenger

2017 - Confidential six-figure medical malpractice settlement in Greene County, Arkansas

2016 - Settlement for insurance policy limits in Mississippi County, Arkansas for a motor vehicle/pedestrian collision

2016 - Settlement in excess of insurance policy limits of wrongful death claim from motor vehicle accident in Lonoke County, Arkansas

2016 - Confidential settlement of wrongful death claim from drainage pipes rolling on top of 12-year-old girl next to a construction site

2016 - Confidential settlement of personal injury claim arising from explosion of workshop in Greene County, Arkansas

 - $331,600.00 jury verdict in Eastern District of Arkansas against Nucor-Yamato Steel for negligent operation of an overhead crane knocking a truck driver off of the trailer

2015 - Policy limits settlement of UIM claim for two passengers in a drunk driver accident

2014 - Confidential settlement of tractor-trailer collision lawsuit in Craighead County, Arkansas

2014 - Confidential seven-figure settlement in Greene County, Arkansas of multiple medical malpractice claims involving an Arkansas urologist using an Evolve laser to perform Transurethral Laser Ablation of the Prostate procedures to treat Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

2012 - Confidential product liability settlement against Ford Motor Company in the Eastern District of Arkansas for failure of air bag deployment and crashworthiness

2012 - Confidential settlement of minor’s medical negligence claim in Pulaski County, Arkansas for a negligent circumcision

2012 - Confidential six-figure settlement of personal injury claim arising from eighteen-wheeler impact with train in Ashley County, Arkansas. 

2011 - Settlement for insurance policy limits of motorcycle accident claim in Mississippi County, Arkansas 

2011 - Verdict of medical negligence against the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs in the Eastern District of Arkansas for failure to diagnose a staph infection

2010 - Confidential settlement in Pulaski County, Arkansas regarding electrocution injuries resulting in fatality

2010 - Confidential six-figure settlements for two victims of tractor-trailer negligence in Crittenden County, Arkansas

2009 - Confidential settlement for a tractor-trailer collision during the 2009 ice storm in Randolph County, Arkansas

2009 - Settlement for insurance policy limits against liability carrier and UIM carrier in Craighead County, Arkansas for a motor vehicle collision causing bilateral fusion with the spine

2006 - $31,000.00 verdict in Greene County, Arkansas for a car wreck causing approximately $3,000.00 in chiropractic bills and just over $2,000.00 in lost wages